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Groups: Public Service and Social Justice Working Group, YAAMNY

When:   December 9, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm
Where:   Ashiya Sushi, 167 First Avenue (between 10th & 11th Streets), Manhattan
Price:   N/A
Type:   Volunteer

We would like to invite everyone to attend the upcoming YAAMNY Public Service/Social Justice Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, December 9, at 7:00 PM.  The location is at Ashiya Sushi, 167 First Avenue (between 10th & 11th Streets).  The agenda is posted below: 

YAAMNY Public Service/Social Justice Committee Meeting Agenda
1. Briefly Discuss & Publicize December Projects
a.       Yorkville Common Pantry Holiday Toy Sorting December 19 (Saturday)
2. Briefly Discuss & Publicize January Projects
a.       St. Francis Xaviers Soup Kitchen January 17 (Sunday)
b.      Upwardly Global Mock Interview Sessions January 23 (Saturday)
3. Start Thinking about Spring/Summer Events 2010 (Public Service & Social Justice)
a.       Yale Day of Service (DOS) 2010 (May 15) - Revisit Old Ties & Make New Ties
b.      Start Generating/Confirming DOS Projects & Recruiting Team Leaders
c.       Brainstorm for February, March, and April 2010 Projects
4. Status of Juvenile Justice Project (Newark, NJ)
5. Final Comments (Open floor)
In addition to supporting the exciting and worthwhile projects already listed on the agenda, we strongly encourage all attendees to join and be a part of creating and sustaining new partnerships in both arenas of public service and social justice.
Our goal is to engage the Yale Alumni community in various types of short term/long term community-building projects that enable you to contribute positively to your environment and society while working with other fellow Yalies, based on your schedule of availability.
We look forward to seeing you!
All the best,
Andrew Burgie
Amanda Taffy
Anne Moss
Co-Chairs of the Public Service/Social Justice Committee

Additional Info/Contact:
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