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Board Minutes

YAAMNY - Sept. 19, 2008, Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Conference Call Attendees: Alberto Molina, My Luu, Jenny Chavira, Rosa Balestrino, Aaron Shipp, Mike Jacobs Absent: Ceu Martinez, Amanda Taffy, Tracey Ober, Marissa Ain, Doreen Oliver   Agenda: a. Outreach wrap-up (see below) b. Preliminary strategic plan outline c. Scheduling next conference call and rough objectives for call   Minutes: ...




Before you take off for the long weekend, we wanted to make sure you heard about the very cool end-of-summer rooftop party with UPenn, Northwestern and Notre Dame at the swanky Maritime Hotel on Sept. 2. PLUS on Sept. 9, there's a special Young Alumni Welcome to NYC reception at the Yale Club. See below for more details! Have a great Labor Day!

Editor's Note June 2008


It's Hot, Hot, Hot, and Yale's got new Colleges news, sports news and golf outings, and the Internet has political news, market news and even iPhone news.  There are not 100, but 1,000 new things for you to know RIGHT NOW. 

But all we're going to tell you in this YAAMNY newsletter is the 15 things your friends are doing in Arts and Entertainment (plus one picnic).

YAAMNY has recently hosted some terrific social events, and this month we have truly extraordinary Arts and Entertainment events brought to you by our incredibly talented, energetic and generous fellow alums.

I've always felt that the arts were one of the most special parts of the Yale experience that tended to get under supported in the alumni community.  I hope this month marks a milestone in YAAMNY's small part to make that less so.

As always, the quality and breadth of the activities here depend on and are created thanks to YOU.  Continue to check out for the latest kimchee, and don't miss the latest real estate steals and deals this month or the specially YAAMNY/YLAT picnic June 22!

Also, starting next month, Arts and Entertainment news will have its own DEDICATED monthly newsletter separate from the main monthly YAAMNY mailing.  To sign up, to support, to participate, to collaborate with YAAMNY arts and entertainment alumni, visit the Arts and Entertainment group at


YAAMNY Communications Working Group

YAAMNY Communications Working Group Preliminary Outline Balance of all-alumni broadcasts and topical opt-in newsletters (A&E, service, classifieds, etc.) Monthly all-alumni newsletter? Promoting individual YAAMNY branded events? How often for other opt-in newsletters? Best practices need volunteers to work on guidelines for YAAMNY communications for consistency & effectiveness What info ...